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  • daoleno General Jan 15, 2022
    Welcome to the Web3 University Forum!
  • daoleno Content Submissions for Web3 U Jan 15, 2022
    How to create and deploy your own cryptocurrency in 10 minutes with zero coding experience

    Name: Marco Besier (@marcobesier)
    Company/Role: Web3 Educator
    Content Type: Article and Video
    Tags: "Ethereum", "Cryptocurrency", "ERC-20", "Ropsten", "OpenZeppelin"
    Using OpenZeppelin, you can create and deploy your own cr...

  • Trice Hackathons Jan 14, 2022
    Anyone going to be at NFTHack 2022 this weekend?

    I signed up and will be hacking & mentoring! Anyone else?

  • daoleno DeFi Discussion Jan 14, 2022
    👀where to start

    As a web3/crypto newcomer I feel like this is one of the most interesting aspects of this area but the most intimidating. Anyone else feeling this? Would love to see more content on this topic!

  • thatguyintech W3U Improvement Proposals (WIPs) Jan 13, 2022
    [WIP-1] Content Submission Process

    Right now Web3 University has already been kickstarted with some great learning resources from some amazing partners.

    However it'd be great to come up with a process for accepting new content and partners, so here is a proposal for su...

  • Deric W3U Improvement Proposals (WIPs) Jan 13, 2022
    Seasons: Work Proposals for Web3 U

    MVP (v1) Features
    Landing page at
    Format similar to standard content hubs:

  • Deric General Jan 13, 2022
    Web3 University Principles

    Proposed Principles for Web3 University
    High Quality: The guide should be concisely written, link to useful authoritative resources, and genuinely help any developer go from zero knowledge about blockchain development to successfully launching their first dapp. We want to become the pr...

  • thatguyintech W3U Improvement Proposals (WIPs) Jan 13, 2022
    V2: High-Level Content Strategy

    Laying out a series of steps to improve and consolidate our content flow for new Web3 U users.
    ### Phase 1: Curated Topic “Courses”

    - Better cohesively organize our articles around “Intro to NFTs”, etc. into a single path of approach. Include more guidance and content.

  • thatguyintech NFT Discussion Jan 12, 2022
    Top 3 NFT Projects To Watch Out For??

    Curious to know which NFT projects or collections you all like the most.

    This is not financial advice, and my opinions do not represent the opinions of anyone I work for / work with..

    given all of that, my top three right now are: