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  • thatguyintech W3U Improvement Proposals (WIPs) Jan 24, 2022
    Web3U - Content Submission Process - Phase 0
  • Bhavika Hackathons 17 hours ago
    TezAsia is hiring through this Hackathon!!

    Hi everyone,

    I came across this hackathon from TezAsia offering prizes worth $100K along with job opportunities. Apply now:

  • Simran General Jun 23, 2022
    Looking for Mentor

    Hello, I'm new to the web 3.0 and blockchain worlds. Can anyone help me with understanding the concepts? In return I'll help with my skills and expertise in Content Economy!

  • AnneJ General Jun 22, 2022
    Just arrived here

    Getting to know how to play

  • Jerry.G Content Submissions for Web3 U Jun 14, 2022
    [Video] Web3: The Decentralized Future of the Internet

    Hello Web3University Members!

    Name: Jerry Goldfarb
    Company: Gold Media LLC
    Content Type: Video
    Tags: “DeFi”, “NFTs”, “Web3”, “Metaverse”, “DAOs”
    Web3: The Decentralized Future of the Internet is a sh...

  • Dude General Jun 14, 2022
    GM fam <3

    GM to all! My name is Artem, I am the CEO and founder of the Signum.AI project. Nice to meet everyone

  • Demian General Jun 11, 2022
    Dapp development deployed to Polygon - Internal ETH conversion

    If I deploy a contract to polygon, is there a way I can help the end-user pay for trx with its ETH account instead of forcing him to buy MATIC for it? Is there any solution there that can help me do this?

  • wangjuan888 General May 16, 2022

    Learn to more

  • vito General May 12, 2022

    GM FAM

  • stevejohnson Blockchain Discussion May 6, 2022
    Binance Clone Script

    Create and launch your own cryptocurrency exchange like Binance Using Our ready-made Binance Clone script!
    Binance Clone Script
    Binance clone script is a ready-made and bug-free cryptocurrency exchange script that resembles the existing functionalities of the Binance exchange in a ditto manner. Sta...