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  • Jerry.GJun 14, 2022
    [Video] Web3: The Decentralized Future of the Internet

    Hello Web3University Members!

    Name: Jerry Goldfarb
    Company: Gold Media LLC
    Content Type: Video
    Tags: “DeFi”, “NFTs”, “Web3”, “Metaverse”, “DAOs”
    Web3: The Decentralized Future of the Internet is a sh...

  • colinaApr 20, 2022
    Intro to the sauron web framework

    Your name or nickname Colin (@Ox_15z)
    Your company (ChainSafe)
    Content Type (article)

  • BlueMoveApr 6, 2022
    Developing a mental model for education in web3

    Name: BlueMove
    Content Type: article (pdf file)
    Tags: "education", "web3", "testing", "rewards"
    Dispelling the L2E (learn to earn) narrative
    Introducing L2G (learn to grow in crypto)

  • AlithecuriousApr 6, 2022
    Cosmos SDK & Starport

    Learn about Cosmos SDK & Starport.

    In this tutorial series, you will learn how to scaffold a Blockchain and use it as per your needs. All done using the worlds most powerful Blockchain scaffolding tool - Starport.

  • marcobesierMar 24, 2022
    How to create and deploy your own cryptocurrency in 10 minutes with zero coding experience

    Name: Marco Besier (@marcobesier)
    Company/Role: Web3 Educator
    Content Type: Article and Video
    Tags: "Ethereum", "Cryptocurrency", "ERC-20", "Ropsten", "OpenZeppelin"
    Using OpenZeppelin, you can create and deploy your own cr...

  • AbdouMar 24, 2022
    Fullstack Ethereum Development Course

    Name: Abdou (@aouahib_)
    Content-Type: Video series

    This is a course on how to build an NFT marketplace from scratch.
    It's +4 hours long, divided into 16 videos, and here's what you'll be learning:

    Write the Ethereum smart contract using Solidity.
    Write integra...

  • DavidMMar 18, 2022
    Legal Issues Impacting Blockchain Service Providers

    Name: David Mikulecky
    Content Type: Article
    Goals of the content:
    Provide an overview of key legal areas impacting blockchain service providers such as blockchain infrastructure companies and Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution providers.
    Make clear that securities laws and the often cited H...

  • colinaMar 17, 2022
    The Future of DAOs: Building Out the Organizational Primitives of web3

    Your name: Colin (@Ox_15z)
    Your company: ChainSafe
    Content Type: Article

  • eawosikaFeb 28, 2022
    A Developer's Guide To Securing Ethereum Smart Contracts

    Name: Emmanuel Awosika
    Company/Role: Web3 Educator
    Content Type: Article
    Smart contracts allow parties to conduct transactions without the need of an intermediary and encourage immutability, speed, efficiency, and trust in business. Ethereum-based smart contracts have been ...

  • fangjun.ethFeb 9, 2022
    Read/Write NFT smart contract with etherscan

    Your name or nickname -- fangjun.eth
    Content Type (article or video) -- article
    Summary / Goals of the content you want to publish