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  • BhavikaJun 29, 2022
    TezAsia is hiring through this Hackathon!!

    Hi everyone,

    I came across this hackathon from TezAsia offering prizes worth $100K along with job opportunities. Apply now: https://unstop.com/competition/tezasia-hackat...

  • thatguyintechFeb 12, 2022
    Anyone going to be at NFTHack 2022 this weekend?


    I signed up and will be hacking & mentoring! Anyone else?

  • Kayaba.AttributionFeb 8, 2022
    Project Showcase EthGlobal Hackathon

    I participated in the latest EthGlobal hackathon and learned a ton in such a little timeframe!

    Is there someone else that participated? How was your experience? Any takeaways?
    Here is the project we build:

  • DericJan 28, 2022
    ETHDenver Happy Hour w/ Alchemy

    A team of us from Alchemy are planning on hosting a happy hour at ETHDenver! Respond here if you'd like to attend and we'll get you a personal invite

    Edit: Use this eventbrite page to book tickets! They're filling up fast: