W3U Improvement Proposals (WIPs)
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  • thatguyintechJan 24, 2022
    Web3U - Content Submission Process - Phase 0

    Web3University is an Open Community of developers learning and teaching Web3.

    Our submission and review process for any piece of content sent to Web3U by any creator or organization, is fully transparent and open to be reviewed by Web3U users.

  • DericJan 13, 2022
    Seasons: Work Proposals for Web3 U

    MVP (v1) Features
    Landing page at web3.university.
    Format similar to standard content hubs:

  • DericJan 13, 2022
    V2: High-Level Content Strategy

    Laying out a series of steps to improve and consolidate our content flow for new Web3 U users.
    ### Phase 1: Curated Topic “Courses”

    - Better cohesively organize our articles around “Intro to NFTs”, etc. into a single path of approach. Include more guidance and content.