ryurkovichFeb 16, 2022
Best Marketplace for Proof of Stake / Solana?

Hello -
I am newly learning about NFTs, and considering making my video art into some.
I would like to find a marketplace that uses proof of stake, like Solana for less energy consumption, but am having a hard time finding answers on the type of platform that would work best for art like my own.

The videos are documentary looping videos so they look a lot different than a lot of the illustrated collections out there - https://www.rachelyurkovich.com/foreignbodies

I am also considering the use of Polygon with OpenSea - what I ran into is that OpenSea has a 100mb limit on file sizes for uploads which decreases the high quality of my videos.

Appreciate any advice!


mrmike388Feb 17, 2022

I am also quite new to all of this but i think you should take a look at polygon. Its easy to mint nft's there and you don't have high gas fees.

ryurkovichFeb 17, 2022

@mrmike388 thanks for the idea. I know its used with Opensea so I can look into that as an option.

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