DavidMMar 14, 2022
Legal Issues Impacting Blockchain Service Providers

Name: David Mikulecky
Content Type: Article
Goals of the content:

  • Provide an overview of key legal areas impacting blockchain service providers such as blockchain infrastructure companies and Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution providers.
  • Make clear that securities laws and the often cited Howey test are just a sliver of the legal issues blockchain service providers should be aware of
  • Provide some practical tips on maintaining compliance in the developing Web3 ecosystem

Tags: "Legal", "Regulatory", "Compliance", "Layer 2", "Howey"

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DericMar 18, 2022

Thanks for the submission, David!

It's a very interesting article and covers a lot of important topics. However, our primary concern is that it's not directly relevant to the majority of our reader base (which do not run blockchain service providers).

It's probably not a good fit for Web3 U at this time! However, as an employee of Alchemy, it was very fascinating / useful to read - thank you a ton for submitting it :)


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