DericJan 13, 2022
Seasons: Work Proposals for Web3 U

MVP (v1) Features

  • Landing page at
  • Format similar to standard content hubs: Webflow University, Binance Academy. Coursera, Udemy. Leveraging our existing Blog design.
  • Redesigned home-page in line with Web3 University design ethos.
  • Individual articles with "Topic" tags for searching, e.g. "NFTs" "Tutorials".
  • Sorting / filtering and searching for articles.
  • Support for video articles.
  • Support for content contributors.
  • Partnerships with 3 - 5 content contributors.

Platform (v2) Features

  • Support for "Courses": series of articles within a single page exploring a particular subject, leading users through a linear workflow.
  • Alternative option: "Tracks" (ex: defi track, NFT track)
  • SPA with videos swapping out on the page.
  • Article level tags: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • Sorting by recency, other filters
  • Comments + Discussion features
  • "Latest Releases"
  • "Related Articles"

Ecosystem (v3) Features

  • Partner Courses: Support for courses about partners or created primarily by partners: OpenSea, DeFi protocols, etc.
  • Open-Source Content: Potentially create a division of Web3 University allowing open-source content.
  • External Writers: Partnering with external writers to generate content.

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