thatguyintechJan 12, 2022
Top 3 NFT Projects To Watch Out For??

Curious to know which NFT projects or collections you all like the most.

This is not financial advice, and my opinions do not represent the opinions of anyone I work for / work with..

given all of that, my top three right now are:

  1. - love the art, the rarity system is complex, community is inclusive
  2. - super cool technology, really excited for future on-chain innovations
  3. - love the experimentation into music NFTs

What are yours?

okokJan 12, 2022

none of the team is doxxed. or are they? is this not a red flag for nft projects?

thatguyintechJan 12, 2022

True, for the first two I think there might only be twitter accounts associated to the team

Royal has a very public team though

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dergronckiJan 12, 2022

I like Metawalls a lot: „METAWALLS is the new NFT platform inspired by, and built for Berlin’s artists. METAWALLS is bringing Berlin’s vibrant Street Art culture into the Metaverse and the world of blockchain.“

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