DericJan 13, 2022
V2: High-Level Content Strategy

Laying out a series of steps to improve and consolidate our content flow for new Web3 U users.

### Phase 1: Curated Topic “Courses”

- Better cohesively organize our articles around “Intro to NFTs”, etc. into a single path of approach. Include more guidance and content.
  - Example: [
  - Determine top-level learning tracks
    - Intro to NFTs
    - Intro to Solidity
  - Determine ideal learning process for each track
    - Intro to NFTs
      - What are NFTs?
      - How do I build an NFT?
      - How do I create an NFT website?
      - How do I mint an NFT?
  - Identify missing content gaps
    - i.e. if we don’t have How do I create an NFT website, note these items for Phase 2

### Phase 2: End-to-End Original Course

- Good example: [
- Purposely-designed course with step-by-step guidance through an entire topic - Udemy / Coursera style
- A single product manager helps to manage this.
- Find a Single teacher per course - originally created.
- We need a very strong, life-long teacher who’s main focus is education in some way.

Approaches: Pick one. Which one is the best?

1. Build an end-to-end course in-house.
2. Get an external party to work with us to build an end-to-end course.
3. Purchase / buy out an external course (from Udemy) and include for free on Web3 U.

Next Steps: 

- Start looking for the best teachers in the course space. Work with them on whatever approach makes sense.

Success metrics

- Quantitative
  - create X courses
  - how many people are taking each track
  - NPS
- Qualitative
  - what are the most useful parts of this course?
  - what parts did you not like?
  - why did you like or dislike this teacher?

### Phase 3: End-to-End Courses + Cohorts

- Similar to buildspace, or DappCamp.
- Unlikely to happen for us in v2.

thatguyintechJan 13, 2022

let's gooo

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