Web3U - Content Submission Process - Phase 0
Jan 12, 2022

Web3University is an Open Community of developers learning and teaching Web3.

Our submission and review process for any piece of content sent to Web3U by any creator or organization, is fully transparent and open to be reviewed by Web3U users.

Here's how you can send your content to the Web3University community to be reviewed:

  1. Create a post in the Content Submissions category.
  2. Include the following pieces of information:
  • Your name or nickname (This will be used as your name on Web3U)
  • Your company (optional)
  • Content Type (article or video)
  • Summary / Goals of the content you want to publish
  • The content (It can be a .doc, .pdf, or hosted on google docs)
  • Relevant "tags" for your content, i.e. "NFTs", "DeFi", "Ethereum", "Polygon", etc.

3. Add a poll to your post as follow:

  • Click on the small poll icon on the bottom toolbar of the post text editor
  • Click on "Number rating" at the top

4. Publish your post

Once you'll have submitted your content:

  1. Feel free to edit your post adding any relevant information / update / or feedback based reiteration.
  2. Wait for user's feedback.
  3. Get final approval from an admin or mod from the core team.

Once your content will be approved:
1. A member from the core team will publish your piece of content on https://web3.university
3. The content will then be promoted on Web3 University Twitter, Newsletter and Discord.

Here's an example of how your post should look like:

Name: Albert (@thatguyintech)
Company: Alchemy
Content Type: Article

  • Registering an ENS domain name makes your life 10x easier when you're trying to send and receive Ethereum assets. Check out how it works in this video!
  • What are ENS domains? (Show example integrations and use cases)
  • How do I get my own ENS domain? (Show the process of registering an ENS domain)

Content Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18Xt9I74aoky19XxfL60ZZR-8Vyav-_stC6QZaRRGOTs/edit?usp=sharing
Tags: ENS, Ethereum, Web3

Please, before sending your content, read the following agreements (this helps us keeping Web3U content - High quality):

  1. Web3University might conduct edits and polishing before publishing the articles I will submit to their publication.  - The changes will be limited to spelling errors, and minimal SEO driven edits.
  2. All articles must have been written exclusively by you, not published on other platforms, and free from any form of plagiarism. - If your content is found to be intentionally plagiarised, all the content sent by you will be deleted off of Web3 University.
  3. Any self-promotion in the article(s) should be at the end, and should be limited to one sentence, like: "Read more on my blog", "You can sign up for my newsletter here", or "Follow me on Twitter".
  4. Web3University only publishes exclusive articles, and you should not cross-post articles on other websites, blogs, or communities. - We want Web3 University to host high quality, curated information that is unique to the Web3 learning journey! If you have content already hosted elsewhere, that’s great — but for these submissions please use original content!

Check the old version of this document here.

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marcobesierJan 13, 2022

Thanks for writing that up. I think this process is a brilliant suggestion! 👏

I wrote Deric just a few minutes ago in the Discord that I will share the first draft of a post I‘m working on by tomorrow. I‘ll try to stick to your suggested submission workflow as best as I can, but I’m sure the draft will require some further polishing throughout the following days. I hope that’s okay.

DericJan 24, 2022

Definitely good to go in depth! Core audience is developers here :)

Kayaba.AttributionJan 21, 2022

Definitely doing a post ! I will probably explain how to take a flashloan on DyDx and interact with DeFi (Compund and AAVE)

Just have a question, would it be okay to go in-depth? or just explain the core concepts and show how to do it?

thatguyintechJan 13, 2022

yeah that's totally fine! This is a WIP too :P so we can iterate to see what the best flow is

i'm looking forward to seeing your draft

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Web3U - Content Submission Process - Phase 0